Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking has never been easier and will be the best thing you could do, not only for your health and well-being but finances too!  We offer you this free under NHS services* covered by Trafford Council.

The benefits you feel once you stop smoking start sooner than you think, by boosting mental health and wellbeing in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, you are not only helping yourself but your loved ones too, along with having more money left in the bank to spend on luxuries!

Have you tried to stop smoking previously, but gone ‘cold turkey’ and given up after a couple of days?  That’s because you have not had the right professional help, we have lots of ways we can make this successful for you. Take the step forward, your new journey begins HERE.

smoking cessation

*To qualify for the above under NHS services you need to be a resident within the Trafford Council ward*, otherwise the above is only available as a private service (please see our private fee guide)!

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