Ear Wax Microsuction

Micro suctioning is a pain free procedure which uses gentle suction to remove the mass of wax built up inside of the ear canal. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways for cleaning your ears and can be completed by one of our accredited Aural Care Professionals. 

wax removal

What to expect on booking your ear wax removal

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete an electronic consent form and health questionnaire.  

Rest assured that our specially trained Aural Care Professional will use the safest method of wax removal to help you hear more clearly again. 

Your wax removal appointment will take around 30 mins. The clinic room will be cleaned between each patient and whilst we also offer home service, please note that this service may not always be available, depending on government guidelines for COVID-19. 

During your appointment the clinician will examine your ear canals and ear drums by using an otoscope (magnifier with a light). The clinician will talk you through the procedure and once you are happy to proceed, a suction tube will be used to gently remove the excess ear wax in your ears. 

If the clinician is unsuccessful in removing any wax, you will be advised on the next steps. 

Please note, in line with COVID-19 guidelines all patients will be asked to wear a medical face mask (one can be provided) 

Softening your ear wax for your appointment

Please apply olive oil into affected ear(s) 2-4 times daily at least five days prior to your appointment. This will help soften your ear wax and help in making the procedure as effective as possible. 

We recommend using Earol Olive Oil Spray for this, as the spraying action helps get the oil as far into the ear canal as possible. 

Please note that it is normal for your ears to feel more blocked when using the olive oil. This is because the ear wax expands as it absorbs the oil and softens.

Ear Wax Microsuction (Manchester Clinic)

£ 55
  • Ear canal examination
  • Ear wax removal

Ear Wax Microsuction Home Visit (Flyde Coast)

£ 65
  • Ear canal examination
  • Ear wax removal